Henne Strand Camping

And if you stay at Henne Strand Camping, which is under the same umbrella as Tropeland, then your kids can get all the exercise they want, while the grown-ups are also specially catered for in Tropeland. Henne Strand Tropeland is equipped with a safety-approved waterslide. There’s also a waterfall, a baby-pool, a sauna and a spa-pool for everybody – where they want to relax or be active. And there’s a massage pool for grown-ups and children. When you’ve paid your entry fee, there is no further charge for anything except the solarium, where you pay extra.

Henne Strand Camping is one of the district’s best placed 3-star camping sites, with all the facilities you can think of. It’s only a few minutes walk from the dunes, woods and heath, ideal for exciting walks. If you’re feeling energetic, there’s a tennis court on the camp site.