Filsø Aktiv Naturferie

Filsø Aktiv Naturferie – By the west coast of Jutland, right outside of Henne Stationsby, is Filsø Aktiv Naturferie. They offer lots of nature experiences all year round, there are room for everybody.

Filsø Aktiv Naturferie is owned by Stinne and Kurt, they are always ready, to give their guests an experience they will not forget.

On the property there are horses and dogs. All the animals are very friendly, and ready to be petted. It is nice to bring your coffee to the bench and enjoy it, while you are watching the horses chewing grass.

Filsø Aktiv Naturferie offers their guests a vacation, with space to relax and outdoor activities of any kind.

You can bring your own horse or pet, bicycles and fishing poles, the opportunities in the area are many.