Lodbjerg Fyr was constructed in 1883 using blocks of granite from Bohus in Sweden. The lighthouse is 35 metres tall, and it is slightly leaning because during WW II, soldiers attempted to dig a tunnel from the lighthouse to a bunker towards the back of the lighthouse garden. From the top of this lighthouse, you can enjoy a nice view of the southern part of Nationalpark Thy which is a rough landscape dominated by the dune plantation, the dune heath and the rugged sea dunes. Following thorough renovation works, the lighthouse was reopened in 2019. The former house of the lighthouse keeper is home to a cosy coffee house where you can buy coffee and cake.
de forrevne havklitter. Fyret genåbnede i 2019 efter en gennemgribende restaurering. I fyrmesterboligen ligger en hyggelig café, der serverer kaffebord og kage.