Stage 8


You have been riding through the national park of Nationalpark Thy already during your trip from Agger Tange to Vorupør and stage 8 takes you through even more parts of this national park. In 2007, Nationalpark Thy was chosen to be the first Danish national park. Nature is something special here and this area is also known as the largest wilderness area in Denmark. The national park stretches from Agger Tange to Hanstholm.

This stage starts in Vorupør and takes you through the beautiful dune landscape and dune plantations to Klitmøller. Depending on the weather, you will find people in wetsuits, enjoying the waves, and local fishermen pulling up their small dinghies onto the beach or working on their cutters. White limestones piled up on the beach outside the restaurant of Hummerhuset is a special sight. The stones are from a limestone reef located just off the coast.

From Klitmøller, the trip continues through the dune landscape towards Hanstholm. Several places along the way offer fantastic views of the sea through the dunes and in the heath area you will find the game reserve of Hanstholm Vildreservat where you might see a large group of red deer. Here and there you will find bunkers from WW II that look like small caves in the dune landscape.



26 km


17 km asphalt
9 km gravel




14 km

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12 km

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Vorupør is a small, authentic fishing village where people have been doing coastal fishing for hundreds of years. Vorupør
has some nice shops, and you can also sit on the large beach terrace facing the sea and enjoy an ice cream or a bite to eat. Vorupør is part of the area called “Cold Hawaii” so whenever the wind blows
from the right direction, there is plenty of action at sea and lots of exciting happenings for the visitors on the beach to look at. Here you can also find a nice sea pool which is open to everyone and features a very high level of water safety. From Vorupør, you can follow panoramic route 411.

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Thy Tourist Information, Jernbanegade 29, 7700 Thisted

Long-time parking

Vorupør, Hawblink (outside the town center), 7700 Thisted

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Thisted Station

Train to/from Struer. 

From there, trains to the rest of the country. 

Bus to Vorupør / Klitmøller