Vedersø Camping Rooms for Rent

Vedersø Klit Camping Room rental is located in West Jutland by Vedersø.

The room rental is part of Vedersø Klit Camping, which is a campsite with lots of facilities. The area around the square is unique and has many exciting sights. In addition, you will also find during the year a wealth of activities for both children and adults.

Vedersø Klit Camping Room Rental offers new and bright rooms.

Among other things, you will find rooms for 2 or 4 people.

In addition, Vedersø room rental also offers 240 m2 for 24 people with over 7 rooms. The rooms have fantastic sleeping accommodation, as well as a modern kitchen with all facilities such as stove and dishwasher, cutlery, etc. and dining area for 40 pers.

In addition, the rooms also have free access to the campsite’s facilities such as playground and pool.


Get more information on Vedersø Klit Camping website.