Brix’s Gård ved Blokhus

Brix’s Gård is situated in the wilderness 3 km from the fresh North Sea on the “Marguerit route” between Hune and Rødhus – furthermore close to Blokhus, where the Gateway will give you an excellent opportunity for challenges in the countryside, and just 1 km to Blokhus Golf.

We are both artists, and visitors are wellcome in our atelier, where occasionnally we offer short painting classes for interested visitors (see the Kultunaut).

Spend a night in the “Himmelrummet” (the sky room) or in the “Præsterummet” (the clergyman’s room). The “Himmelrummet” is on the first floor, and it is not safe for children to climb the stairs.

The “Himmelrummet” is a large, lovely room with collar beams anda double bed. The following extra beds are available: A sofa for 3 and a sofa for 2 besides 2 folding matresses on the floor. The newly renovated small bathroom with a shower cabinet is also close to the “Himmelrummet”. So is the roomy kitchen-dining room.

The “Præsterummet” is on the ground floor with a view to the westward garden, in which you can experience birds and roes every day. In the two rooms visitors are expected to share the bathroom and the kitchen-dining room.

Enjoy our large garden, which is very much like a wilderness; a lovely place for a bonfire, garden furniture and a cosy North Sea atmosphere.

You just tell us what to buy for you for your breakfast. It will be 50,00 each. We shall then place the food in the refrigerator in the kitchen, so you yourself can prepare it. You will always be welcome to cook in the visitors’ kitchen, when you like to.

Security is valued very much, so you find smoke alarms eveywhere and a fire extinguisher on the first floor. Furthermore, there is a box with first-aid material in every room.

The house is in good repair and quite charming.

We look forward to sharing our premises with you.
Carsten & Helle

How to get around:

The bus stops at Hune, which is approx. 3 km from Brix’s Gård. We have two parking spaces for visitors on our premises. Bikers and hikers are very welcome, too.